Working during the COVID-19-pandemic

The Corona-pandemic is affecting everyday life worldwide with bans on going out and shutdowns for companies, schools, and daycare. These developments have far-reaching effects for entire countries and their economies. As access to the workplace is heavily restricted, people are now managing homeschooling or daycare for their kids while working from home as far as possible. Meanwhile, our health system, as well as ensured food supplies, are valued higher than ever before. The large scale and the enormous speed of the developments leave people and organizations in a state of uncertainty.

The situation for us at Communardo is no different. Although we are no strangers to working remotely daily – especially since we have teams located in Germany, Austria and Albania -, everyone is coping differently with having to work only from a home office without direct contact with colleagues. Throughout the past weeks, the Communardo products team has taken on the challenge and continues to work hard to improve our products and provide high-quality support for our customers.

The team from Communardo Products is here for you!

For many people and organizations, it might be a very unusual and sudden change to shift from a central workplace to home offices and remote work. As this situation unfolds, a variety of difficulties can arise: traveling, events, and in-person-meetings are canceled, collaboration and teamwork are impeded and call for new options, people are struggling to focus in their new work environment, etc.

Without having any time to prepare, these changes may lead to productivity loss, communication barriers, and overall decreasing business performance. Thus, it is crucial to have a network of operational teams and to ensure their well-being and functioning collaboration.

In order to help quickly and answer all your questions regarding remote work, Communardo offers a Corona-Service-Hotline for the DACH area (German-speaking). In addition, we provide useful guidelines for the implementation of remote work solutions that not only help to master the crisis but also support collaboration beyond these difficult times.

Stay healthy, everyone!

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

April 23, 2020

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