What’s New in User Profiles for Jira Cloud App?

Supercharge your team by improving work processes and your workflow with User Profiles for Jira!

Many Jira users struggle with reports that lack relevant details for their work processes. They need to tap other sources to establish proper control. 

It is time-consuming, frustrating to search for Jira issues, and a real problem if users do not extract the specific report they need for their work process. Considering these challenges, at Communardo, we developed the User Profiles for Jira app in Cloud. By leveraging the benefits of this app, users can optimally search for issues, improve their workflows, and increase productivity. Many customers are getting the most out of the app using additional information provided in Jira issues

At Communardo, we always aim to learn the opinion of our users about our products. That’s why, based on the valuable and highly appreciated feedback of our beta testers and first evaluating customers, our development team worked hard to provide you with these significant changes:

  • We improved the setup experience: To finish the configuration, the custom fields need to be assigned to screens. Freshly, we provide a call to action that leads the admin straight to a prefiltered list of all custom fields created by the User Profiles for Jira app. Also, finding fields within Jira’s custom fields overview page is much easier than before. Admins can simply search for the description “Custom field created by User Profiles for Jira” and get the corresponding filtered list, as a result. Navigation to the fields will no longer be cumbersome, and nothing will stand in the way of quick editing.
Configured custom fields

Configured custom fields

Custom fields created by User Profiles for Jira

Custom fields created by User Profiles for Jira

  • We further improved licensing behavior: What happens if your license is not valid? Even though you will receive notifications via mail for the validation of the app license, a message box will show up in the configuration tab informing you that the automatic synchronization will not happen anymore in the future. Keep in mind: If you decide to uninstall the app, we will delete only the configuration we have stored, not the custom fields in Jira.
user profiles for jira cloud

Unlicensed behavior

What’s next?

Our goal is simple. We aim for the best and we will have great news again sooner! The team is currently working to provide you with the possibility to sync the manager attribute into another field type. With a custom field of type “user picker” you will benefit from new capabilities to automate approval processes.

Get the most out of User Profiles for Jira now! If you have not given it a try, it is your turn now!

Supercharge your team by improving work processes and your workflow!

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