User Profiles for Jira 2.1

Find out which brand new features User Profiles for Jira 2.1 brings to you and how this will ease your daily work.

It’s been a long road for User Profiles for Jira already. Initially published as sister-product to the best selling app User Profiles for Confluence back in 2014, a lot of customers that use and love the app gave us valuable feedback. This helped us a lot in deciding which next steps to take for the product.

So today we are proud to present a new major version of our User Profiles for Jira app.
Besides plenty of small improvements, it comes with a useful new feature – for Jira Service Management (formerly: Jira Service Desk)!

Let’s walk through the latest version:

UPJ - Banner - 768x258

So what’s new in User Profiles for Jira 2.1?

Enhance Jira Service Management (formerly: Jira Service Desk) customer as Jira agent

Do you want to enhance the capability of your Jira Service Management agents to make them even more efficient than they already are?

With User Profiles for Jira  2.1, your agents can now add information like phone number, company, department, etc. to your Jira Service Management customers. This works in the same way it does with internal Jira users! No need to teach everything all over again. Simply choose the customer, edit the profile and fill in the predefined fields.

UPJ 2.1 SD issue highlighted
customer edit UPJ 2.1

Better performance

We have fixed a bug that caused high load on big Jira systems when synchronizing from LDAP. This bug was reproducible on large Jira systems, the place where no one wants high resource usage.

Better synchronization of Active Directory Profile Pictures

Looking at your picture from LDAP that is now stretched to the Atlassian format is not a good feeling and we know that. This won’t happen with version 2.1 anymore!

Click to call customers directly from the Hover Card

Ever struggled to find a phone number in a Jira Service Management  (formerly: Jira Service Desk) ticket with multiple comments? With the latest version of User Profiles for Jira, you can directly click on the number that you or your colleague has added to the Service Management customers profile before. The app will automatically open the softphone on your computer and dial the number for you. Convenient and time-saving, right?

User Profiles for Jira is available on the Atlassian Marketplace – give it a try today!

To see a full list of supported features please have a look at the official documentation and Jira issues.

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