User Profiles for Jira 2.0 – Using Profile Information in Custom Fields

We are proud to present a User Profiles for Jira 2.0! Read on to see how to add user profile information to Jira issue screens and use it in Jira Workflows.

User Profiles for JIRA LogoIt’s been a long road for User Profiles for Jira already. Initially published as sister-product to the best selling add-on User Profiles for Confluence back in 2014 a lot of customers use and love the add-on so far and gave us valuable feedback of their usage. This helped us a lot in deciding which next steps to take for User Profiles for Jira.

So today we are proud to present a new major version of our User Profiles for Jira app!
Besides plenty of small improvements, it brings a very useful and big feature. Bear with us as we walk you through of what’s inside.

So what’s new in User Profiles for Jira 2.0?

Use Profile Information on Jira issues

Have you ever felt the need to provide information about a person on a Jira issue? E. g. the assignee’s phone number.
Or even wanted to use this profile information in a JQL filter? Think a a scenario where you are looking for all Jira issues that are assigned to anyone of Peter’s team. Or handling user profile information in Jira workflow postfunctions and ScriptRunner or other apps?blank

With User Profiles for Jira 2.0 you can do all that now – and it’s very easy: Just create a new Custom Field and select “User Profile Field” as Field Type. Then, map a User Profile Field with the created Custom Field and select a reference user (e. g. the reporter, assignee or another custom field of the type user picker) and you can start adding it to your View Screens or using it on filters (using JQL) or with add-ons. It’s that simple!

For details about the configuration please refer to our docs.

Data Center compatibility

A bit overdue, we have to admit. But finally User Profiles for Jira is now compatible with Jira Data Center!

New Field Type: Phone Number

Now there is a dedicated Phone Number Field for User Profiles that supports Click-to-Call. That means, you can just click or tab on a phone number and call it directly without needing to copy & paste anything. This works particularly well when added to the view issue screen to have easy access to the link. Of course it also works on your smartphone, making dialing a breeze.


Find the add-on configuration more easily

In earlier versions of User Profiles for Jira, Jira admins could find the add-on configuration under the section “User Management” in the Administration area. We received the feedback that this was a little hard to find occasionally, so we listened to your calls and moved the configuration  to the section “Add-ons” in the Administration area. Thanks for your feedback so far!
Screenshot of the Administration area

User Profiles for Jira is available in the Atlassian Marketplace. To see a full list of supported features you may want to have a look at the official documentation.


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