Use Case: Collaborating across Jira instances with Backbone Issue Sync

How a German industrial company and a world-renowned automaker successfully work together, using Jira and the Backbone Issue Sync app by K15t to collaborate on equivalent issues.

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The universe of Jira integrations is constantly expanding. As more companies discover the power of Jira for everything from DevOps to Sales and Marketing, there’s an ever-growing demand to connect Jira to the other systems that make their businesses run.

Out of all the integrations out there, one of the simplest and most powerful integrations is Jira to Jira. This allows business teams and partners to collaborate across internal and external Jira Cloud, Server, Data Center, Service Desk, and even firewall-protected instances – without losing a step.

When a leading German industrial company started collaborating with a world-renowned automaker, both sides were using Jira to track issues and often needed to collaborate on the same issue – but neither partner’s users could log into the other‘s instance. This meant manually creating and updating equivalent issues in each instance, which proved to be both inefficient and time-consuming.

Automated Jira Issue Synchronization with Backbone Issue Sync

Using Backbone Issue Sync for Jira, from K15t Software, the partners can automatically synchronize issues between their instances, meaning that when an issue is created or changed in one instance, Backbone automatically applies the same update in the partner instance.

Users can now work on equivalent issues without needing to copy-paste issue data between Jira systems–reducing overhead and keeping all stakeholders on the same page. Even connecting Jira instances from behind enterprise firewalls is no problem, thanks to Backbone’s ability to transmit issue data via file exchanges.

K15t Backbone Issue Sync Screenshots

Over time, one of the organizations introduced a new privacy requirement to hide certain field names and workflow states from their partner, while still keeping everything in sync. Backbone’s robust privacy settings now allow them to set aliases, rather than offer the actual field and status names, giving them total control over which configuration data is shared with or hidden from the partner.

Furthermore, thanks to Backbone‘s ability to synchronize with remote instances without installing the app, the organization can also successfully synchronize with any partner, even those with especially tight security demands.

From the moment they synchronized their first issue, these companies have been successfully relying on Backbone to keep their teams in sync. Even within remote Jira instances – and despite occasional challenging conditions – they have been able to streamline their collaboration processes, letting them work better together.


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October 30, 2018

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