Three Strategies for a Greater Digital Workplace Experience

Find out what strategies you should adopt to boost your digital workplace experience and enjoy greater productivity.

If there is a silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic, it would be the monumental paradigm shift that has taken place vis-a-vis the way we work. While the option for full-time remote work had rarely been given serious consideration due to various concerns, the Covid-19 pandemic left employers no choice but to make the best out of it. 

Lo and behold, it was not the catastrophe that employers were expecting. Employees didn’t just slack off at home to watch Netflix and forget about their job. In fact, research has shown that they were even more productive than before. This was all made possible by the leaps and bounds in digital workplace technology, be it in cloud solutions like Google Workspace, or project management tools like Slack and Trello. Paradoxically, being apart has empowered employees to collaborate more effectively than ever before.

Nonetheless, most companies are coming to terms with the idea that remote work (or at least some form of it) is here to stay. In relation to that, the digital workplace experience is now considered “crucial” by more than 75% of all organizations, which represents a YoY leap of 21%. Nearly 33% of all companies are also increasing their budgets to invest in a better digital workplace.

That being said, spending money alone does not necessarily mean a better digital workplace experience for your employees. Read on to find out what strategies you should adopt to boost your digital workplace experience and enjoy greater productivity. 

Make Information Easy to Find

Do you know how much time is wasted by workers just combing through their inbox, old chat logs, and emails to find information? According to IDC data, the knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day (or roughly 30% of the workday) searching for information. That isn’t surprising at all given that close to half of all workers have trouble locating documents. Beyond just the time being wasted, you’re also looking at decreased inefficiencies, productivity, and the loss of critical knowledge as well.

One specific instance of this common problem reported by most organizations concerns website links. Especially for users of the Microsoft suite, lots of knowledge is shared into the Microsoft Teams pool every day, some only in the form of links. Unfortunately, much gets lost, like in the following scenario. You opened a message, you got distracted by something else, and by then, the link is buried in other messages. The link is now lost to you pretty much for good.

If you’re looking to combat this problem permanently, then you can try leveraging the Link Spotter app. Per the name of the app, this app can quickly help you spot all the links from your Teams channels to which you have access based on your permissions. This can save you valuable hours and improve your productivity tremendously.

Make Collaboration Easier

In the context of a digital workplace, numerous surveys suggest that a strong culture of collaboration can be the greatest predictor of success in a company. Be it in terms of reduced turnover, increased sales, or stronger innovation, strong collaboration enhances them all.  Sadly, people working from home in full-time positions have reported spending 48% less time collaborating than they would if they were working from the office. That could be due to the fact that 43% of the employees surveyed here have reported trouble with document approval requests and document sharing.

You can overcome this by providing your employees with the right tools to collaborate effectively. One such tool is SharePoint Connector for Confluence (SPC). While Confluence is a great knowledge sharing tool, document management is not one of its strong suits. Using the SharePoint Connector, you can leverage the full functionalities of SharePoint to overcome the weaknesses of Confluence and improve overall collaboration between your employees. Bid adieu to information silos and misaligned teams!

Personalize Communication Across Teams

This may seem comically obvious, but you’d be surprised at how personalized communication can be an issue in large organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees across multiple departments.

With digital workplaces growing more prevalent and physical workspaces going the other way, that’s one less avenue for employees to form meaningful personal relationships. Since most employees can already connect among themselves anytime and anywhere due to the ubiquity of apps and tools out there, what separates a good digital workplace experience from a great one is personalization. Let’s take a look at one of the most widely used collaboration programs (corporate wiki) globally – Confluence.   

The benefits of using Confluence are generally well recognized in terms of knowledge management, project management, and others. However, it can be hard to connect meaningfully with your fellow contributors/employees on Confluence due to the lack of personal user information on it. 

A product like User Profiles for Confluence is thus simple, intuitive, yet super helpful in improving the quality of communication between employees. With it, your users can add a nice personalized profile picture, their business phone numbers, and their email addresses. In addition to the human touch, this product can help your users locate and contact one another more quickly, thanks to the built-in integration with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. 


Level Up Your Digital Workplace Experience with Communardo 

At the core of a great digital workplace experience is simplicity: you should aim to make the work of your employees as simple as possible. Simplify as many processes for them as you can. Improve their accessibility to the resources they need to do their job well. Make it easy for them to reach out to their colleagues by enhancing digital connectivity in terms of both convenience and personalization. 

You can do all that and more with Communardo’s solutions for Atlassian and Microsoft suite. Find out how we can take your efficiency and productivity to the next level below!

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