SubSpace Navigation now available for Confluence Cloud

Taking your well-organized wiki up in the clouds: SubSpace Navigation for Confluence Cloud is out now!

In the beginning of 2017 we happily celebrated the 8th birthday of our SubSpace Navigation for Confluence app and now we may just as happy reveal its availability for Confluence Cloud. Check out the Marketplace to install it straight away or read on to get more information.

SubSpace Navigation for Confluence Cloud Banner

Reaching for the stars

Since many teams worldwide work collaboratively in the Cloud, and Atlassian keeps focussing on this field as well, some of you asked for a Cloud version of this helpful app. Our team did not hesitate to try its best to offer you the same great possibilities, as in the server version, for your Cloud instance.

Why choose SubSpace Navigation?

Let´s give you a short sum-up why SubSpace Navigation is your perfect organizing tool for Confluence Cloud:

  • Drag-and-drop simplicity makes it effortless to arrange internal and external links, spaces, folders, and CQL queries into a central navigation menu
  • Easily create personalized menus by using CQL to adjust the navigation for the user
  • Navigation macro lets you display the content of the menu bar on a wiki page or on a blog post

Thus the cloud version offers our customers the same functionalities as the server app.

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