Extending the Power of Confluence Document Management with SharePoint Online Connector 1.4

The latest release of SharePoint Online Connector is here. And it brings two powerful new improvements — Larger full view experience and the option for editing documents!

The SharePoint Online Connector brings the power of SharePoint document management to Confluence and our team is steadily working on multiple enhancements to improve the product and broaden its use. Today we are proud to announce the next wave of incremental improvements, and we will give you sneak peek into what is just around the corner.

New Ways to Embed and Interact with Documents in Confluence

With SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence 1.4, we’ve given you more control over how documents are embedded. Now you can easily embed documents in a responsive view for a full-width preview.

Another improvement lets your users interact with documents in Lists that are embedded within a Confluence page. Users now have the power to download the file. open it in the appropriate web application, or even delete it–all from within Confluence. All this saves valuable time, since users no longer need to navigate back and forth between Confluence and SharePoint.

What’s Next for SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence?

Over the past year we’ve seen massive growth in adoption of SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence. This further strengthens our commitment to taking this app to the next level.  Now what does this mean?

SharePoint 2019 and Confluence

We are currently evaluating compatibility with SharePoint 2019 and will be able to provide an update on this soon.

Selecting a View from a SharePoint List

One of the most highly requested features are the custom views that are available in SharePoint. Soon you will be able to pick one of the existing Views to display in the Confluence Macro. See below for a preview of this functionality.


Selecting Subfolders of Document Libraries from SharePoint

We are also working on another popular feature request: The ability to select a specific folder as the starting point for the SharePoint List Macro in Confluence. Right now, the root folder is automatically selected, and there isn’t an option to change that default. Soon you will be able to start in whatever level of the folder structure you want.


Uploading Files to a SharePoint Document Library right in Confluence

Our SharePoint List Macro shows you what’s inside of the corresponding Document Library in SharePoint. Soon, you will be able to upload new files directly to SharePoint without leaving Confluence via drag and drop or via an upload button where you can select a file from your explorer.


Get the Latest Version Today

The latest version of SharePoint Online Connector includes powerful improvements that will save you time and give you more control over how documents are embedded. Take just a few minutes now to update to version 1.4 and start enjoying the benefits.

Not a customer yet? Head on over to the Atlassian Marketplace to start your free 30-day trial – and enjoy the Power of Confluence Document Management.


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Thank you for presenting the innovations of your product. Can you already say something for the release date when we can also access the folder level within a document library? We urgently need this feature.

Thanks in advance.

Florian Hieronimus
Ehrhardt+Partner Group

Hi Florian,
Thanks for your Feedback! The requested Feature is currently being worked on. If you’d like some adwanced input pleas shoot us an email at support@communardo.de and we’ll arrange something as soon as it makes sense.
Cheers, David

David Toussaint
Product Management

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