SharePoint Document Macro overhaul – Quickly find the files you’ve been looking for

Look up files among recently worked on documents, search in SharePoint Sites or within their OneDrive with the improved UI of the SharePoint document macro.

If you have already been actively using the SharePoint Connector with its document macro, you might have noticed a slight delay in finding the file you just worked on or uploaded to SharePoint. You open the document macro dialogue and have to type in the file’s name and probably sort the results by the time of update. For me, that’s been quite a hassle, to be honest. But fortunately, our dev team figured out my issue and found a beautiful solution.

Improved UI of the SharePoint document macro

With the updated version of the app, you get an encompassing dialogue with several tabs: 

  • Recent – containing all your recently updated files. No more searching and sorting first, but right to the files you’ve been just working on.
  • SharePoint Sites – if you are in need of any documents stored in your fast SharePoint. You can refine the search by SharePoint Sites or use the filter.
  • My OneDrive – to look for what’s stored in your OneDrive.

Furthermore, you can choose if the file is going to be displayed as a link or as an embed on your Confluence page. The chosen option will then be shown as a preview on the right side.

With this release, even more file types are supported and will be properly displayed within the macro dialog. In addition, the admin page has been removed completely.

You haven’t seen this simple solution to bring together your SharePoint Online and Confluence Cloud yet?

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