SharePoint Connector for Confluence 1.9.8 released – ready for Confluence 6.0 and SharePoint 2016 + important improvements

SharePoint Connector for Confluence is finally compatible with Confluence 6 and SharePoint 2016! Plus further enhancements and questions. Read on!

We proudly present the first new release of SharePoint Connector for Confluence after we took over this add-on from its original vendor Atlassian. Many of our clients have been asking for the compatibility of the SharePoint Connector with the new versions of Confluence and Atlassian. Our engineering team has been really busy during the last couple of weeks. So, there you are!


These are the highlights of our first release:

The highlights of R 1.9.8

  • compatibility with SharePoint 2016
  • compatibility with Confluence 6.0
  • no more internet connection required for installations (CSI-1156)
  • adjustments to licencing
  • further bug fixes and improvements
  • see the full list of improvents and fixes in JIRA.

Support for legacy versions of SharePoint and Confluence discontinued.

As of today we are terminating our support services for SharePoint 2007 and Confluence 5.6 or prior versions. We would like to encourage our clients to update their installations to newer versions of both platforms in order to receive full vendor support for Confluence, SharePoint and the SharePoint Connector. Please refer to the compatibility matrix on the Communardo Support Portal. In case of any questions please contact our support team.

We are planning to improve the connector – please vote for your favourite features!

In August we collected valuable feedback from our clients of the SharePoint Connector for Confluence. Many of you replied to our survey and subsequently engaged in numerous web sessions. Thank you very much for all the valuable feedback that you gave! We’ve been listening very carefully and compiled a list of potential improvements. Naturally, we won’t be able to implement all of these improvements at once. We would like to prioritize the items in our backlog and start with the ones that are the most important for you and your users. Therefore, we kindly ask you to please vote for your most important issues from this list and add comments with specific remarks if applicable:

  1. Embed documents from SharePoint into wiki pages in Confluence (CSI-1723)
  2. Replace Confluence file upload by SharePoint document library (CSI-1722)
  3. Context menu for SharePoint files in Confluence […] (CSI-1724)
  4. Implement Confluence user hover in sp-list macro (CSI-621)
  5. Responsive UI (CSI-1716)
  6. Allow switching default search content in Confluence (CSI-579)
  7. Re-consider how a Confluence administrator connects to a SharePoint site for integration (CSI-755)

Would you like to add something really important? Please feel free to check our entire story backlog or file an additional feature request in our Support Center!

What shall I do if my licences does not work anymore?

In some cases existing licences will not work after updating to version 1.9.8 due to technical changes that we had to make following the transfer of the code from Atlassian. If you are affected (the UPM is displaying your license as invalid), please log into, copy the licence key for the SharePoint Connector for Confluence and paste it manually in the licence field of the UPM. This should solve the problem for the future.

We are accepting the “Cloud Challenge”! How about you?

Are you missing the one issue CSI-683 with the highest score of 222+ votes on the list above? You are absolutely right! Many companies are moving to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 or SharePoint these days or planning to use both SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online in hybrid scenarios. Naturally, they require support for Office 365 to integrate with their Confluence installations. This has been the feature request mentioned most often in our conversations with clients so far. As a matter of fact, compatibility with Office 365 requires a fundamental architectural change for the SharePoint Connector resulting in considerable re-design and implementation effort. However, our engineering team is accepting the challenge. Right after the release of version 1.9.8 we will start the design and specification work for SharePoint Online compatibility. It will take several months until we will be able to release a first version. Are you interested in participating in a beta test? If so, please raise a support ticket to let us know. Please stay tuned! Thank you!


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