SharePoint Connector for Confluence is now Cloud Fortified!

This new fortified badge for Sharepoint Connector for Confluence offers customers advanced security, reliability, and support standards.

Four months ago, Atlassian announced the Cloud Fortified program – a brand new security program that helps customers and enterprises identify cloud apps based on three simple principles: advanced security, reliability, and support.

Being an Atlassian Marketplace Partner for 12 years, Communardo strives to grow alongside Atlassian.

That also includes being at the forefront of innovation for our Cloud apps.

What does it take to qualify for the Cloud fortified badge?

Our app meets several requirements in all six of Atlassian’s cloud app security programs and additional checks for service reliability and performance such as:

  • Security program requirements (Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program and Security Self-Assessment Program);
  • Reliability program requirements (Core capability SLOs + tests, and incident management);
  • Support program requirements (Provide a support point of contact, and respond to T1 support tickets within 1 day (24 hours), 5 working days a week in Marketplace Partner local timezone)

Meeting enterprise-grade performance and reliability standards isn’t easy, but we do love a challenge! Our app SharePoint Connector for Confluence is now part of 120 apps that have achieved Cloud Fortified badge in the Marketplace.

A big thank you goes out to our hardworking developers and support team for this achievement! 

If you are a SharePoint Connector for Confluence customer/user, you might not notice any major changes in your general experience. However, now you’re backed up by enhanced security, reliability, and support standards!

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