SharePoint Connector for Confluence and Data Security – A Brief Guide


Many customers are curious about how we handle your data when you’re installing and using the SharePoint Connector for Confluence. That’s why we put together a handy guide on this matter. Read more about data security in this post.

Data security is a critical concern, whether you’re using apps privately or for business. Yet, not all vendors handle your data in the same way. At Communardo, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of data security. That’s why we want to briefly outline our data security policies and the steps we take to keep your data safe!

Data Security with SharePoint Connector for Confluence

As a rule of thumb, only users who have direct access to information in SharePoint or Confluence will have access to it when the information is embedded in the other system. So you can be sure that your NDA-protected PowerPoint file will still only be visible to the people who are allowed to see it – and no one else (including your colleagues, Atlassians, Communardo developers, etc.). Embedding content does not subvert access permissions in any way! Since all requests that are made using our app are sent via SSL encrypted connections, you can rest assured that no one else will be able to access them.

As for our company, the vendor of the app, we never access your data and content without your permission. Our app does not send any data to Communardo or other third parties. All communication happens within your browser, we do not store any access tokens or other data on our servers. Data you have to provide in the settings of our app and via the macros in Confluence are only stored by Atlassian, in their host system.

Other than that the following personal data is processed, as needed for billing and supplying the license:

  • License ID (generated automatically)
  • Contact name and email
  • Customer location
  • Hosting: Cloud / Server / Data Center
  • License size (number of users)
  • Maintenance period

In the event of a support case, we might need you to provide us with the following:

  • Logfiles (Confluence, SharePoint, Webserver, etc)
  • Confluence Support-zip
  • SharePoint URL / tenant ID
  • Individual data depending on the support case

We will never share this data with anyone outside of our company unless you agree to do so.

While we are developing apps following industry standards and best practices, we’re also relying on external security testing for our apps. That’s why the SharePoint Connector app (among others) is part of the Atlassian Marketplace Bugbounty Program.

The above information applies to SharePoint Connector for Confluence Server, Cloud, and Data Center. Further information can be found in our privacy statement.

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