SharePoint Connector for Confluence 2.0 – a look behind the scenes

We provide an exclusive preview of the SharePoint Connector for Confluence with support for SharePoint Online. Get the news first on our blog!

When will SharePoint Online or Office 365 be supported?

Many customers have asked us about whether the SharePoint Connector for Confluence supports SharePoint Online or Office 365. In fact Support for SharePoint Online is the highest voted issue in our JIRA Project for the SharePoint Connector for Confluence – by far! But to be honest, the answer to this question is: Not yet, but we are giving our best!

SharePoint Connector for Confluence - Development status update

SharePoint Connector for Confluence 2.0 will bring support for SharePoint Online!

We are currently developing and testing a new version which we will release as version 2.0. As we are having a strong focus on usability and user experience, the new version of the SharePoint Connector will allow a far easier installation, administration and usage for the end user than the current solution. So besides supporting new platforms this will indeed represent a major overhaul of the product with lots of additional benefits for both system administrators and end users. We are pretty excited about that fact (Lächeln)

Unfortunately, this is a lot more complex than it sounds, since SharePoint 2013 Microsoft supports the add-in structure. In comparison, the current SharePoint Connector is a solution, which is not supported by SharePoint Online. From a technical point of view, this requires a lot of source code to be completely rewritten from scratch so it will take some more time. As previously stated, we are planning to have a working product available later this year, so a little patience is still needed.

Want to have look behind the scenes?

Besides the text of this blog post, we have more to offer right now. The animation below represents a development snapshot from one of our early build showing the configuration and content selection of the new Confluence Web part in the action. Do you like it so far? We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

Confluence Webpart

Just to be on the safe side: the above animation is subject to change until the final product is available. But it should give an idea about where we are heading to (Zwinkern)

If you are willing to participate in beta testing, please feel free to contact our support team. Thanks again for bearing with us! Greetings from the passionate software developers of Communardo in Dresden!

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