RemindMe for JIRA 1.2 – We Now Speak JQL!

This week we released our JIRA add-on RemindMe for JIRA in Version 1.2. Take a few minutes to walk you through the new features.

Germany-Flag-iconThis week we released version 1.2 of our JIRA add-on RemindMe for JIRA into the Atlassian Marketplace. Let me take a few minutes to walk you through the new features.

Search for Issues with Reminders

A frequently requested feature that is finally available for RemindMe: searching for issues with reminders via the powerful JQL! If you have set a reminder previously then you would only see it again on its RemindMe date (via email notification). Using the JIRA search and JQL you could now easily find all reminders that are about to occur during your upcoming vacation and move them accordingly. Let’s have a look on what’s possible:

issue in remindMe(“all”) – displays all issues that have a RemindMe date set

issue in remindMe(“2015/12/24”) – displays all issues where the RemindMe date is set to said date

issue in remindMe(“1w”) – displays all issues where the reminder is set to occur within the next week. “-1d” would also work (issues with reminders from yesterday and today) as well as “-1w -2d” (I’ll let you figure the result out  😉 ).

More examples can be found in the official product documentation in our support portal:

Keyboard Shortcuts for RemindMe

You are now able to set a RemindMe date with just one keyboard shortcut: just press the magic key “r” once, set a date and optionally a description for that reminder and your are done! Easy as pie, isn’t it?

Easy One-Click Deletion of Reminders

RemindMe 1.2 Delete reminders with ease!To remove a reminder from an issue you had to manually delete the date using the RemindMe dialog. With RemindMe 1.2 this is so much easier – just click on the bin icon and the reminder is gone.

RemindMe is available via the Atlassian Marketplace. Do yourself a favor and just give it a try.

Here you will find more information about our Atlassian licences.

September 17, 2015

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