Private Beta Test for the SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence

Apply now to be one of the ten participants for our exclusive SharePoint Online Connector beta test and the chance to get a 100% voucher for the license.

It’s been a while since we last publicly talked about SharePoint Connector for Confluence and SharePoint Online / Office 365 support. To be precise this is about 11 sprints ago so it’s about time for another update. So here we go.

Are Confluence and SharePoint Online / Office 365 best friends already?

Earlier this year we started our journey to provide a solution for SharePoint Online Integration into Atlassian Confluence and vice versa. We’ve hit many milestones since then (and missed a few ones) but right now I’m happy to invite our customers to join a first private beta phase which should take us one step closer to the release of a product that really meets your needs. As I already outlined in the previous post we had – at least from a technical point of view – to start from scratch. Right now it’s pretty safe to say that not a single line of code was kept from SharePoint Connector for Confluence 1.9.8 – this is why getting early feedback from our customers is so important and valuable to us!

The new solution will support a lot of the known functionality but with hugely enhanced usability. This was (and is) actually our main focus while writing user stories and source code, to make the life for the end user (this includes administrators as well (wink)) as easy as possible! To give you another glimpse about that just have a look at the animation below

SharePoint Online Connector Preview

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