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The second IT WinterCamp in Dresden with Communardo, SAP and T-Systems.
Many challenges but even more successes!

Even if people often talk about students being unmotivated and hard to inspire – the IT WinterCamp Week has once again convinced us of the opposite. 19 students – 5 of them girls – decided to use one week of the winter holidays to work on a complete software development process every day from 9 am to 4 pm.

IT Winter Camp 2019

The rough task:

Design and develop a social network platform (prototype) on which the participants of the IT Winter and Summer Camps can register and exchange their profiles.

As always, the week began at Communardo on Monday, first to break the ice with a funny game and then to learn some basics about project management. At this point, many thanks to Caroline Schnell (project manager at Communardo) and Alex Clermont (software engineer at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH), who managed to divide the initially reserved team into teams and roles (project management, frontend, backend, software architecture, test and deployment) with active moderation. The huge pizza order for lunch in a relaxed atmosphere is always a good decision :-). With filled bellies and first background knowledge, the teams already structured themselves after the break.

IT Winter Camp 2019 - presentation
IT Winter Camp 2019 Plan Board
IT Winter Camp 2019 White Board
IT Winter Camp 2019 working

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the groups at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH worked at full speed on their camp platform. Thomas Hauptvogel (working student at Communardo in the Microsoft Development department), one of the student supervisors, answered countless questions over the whole time and was valuable support in small crises and panic attacks. Thomas, you won’t be able to get out of your role as a supervisor that quickly :-D.

On Friday, the students proudly presented their results with the help of a really chic presentation to us in the rooms of SAP. There were no more shy faces to be seen – like in everyday working life, all corners and ends were optimized until the very last second. The new Camp platform is ready!

IT Winter Camp presentations
IT Winter Camp break

But the homepage didn’t meet the demands of the boys and girls yet. The project will, therefore, be continued after school on a voluntary basis (with the support of the companies).

Well, if that doesn’t become ambitious young talents for our industry 😊.

IT Wintercamp group photo
IT Winter Camp group photo happy

So if you can’t wait for the next camp … here you’ll find the information about the IT SummerCamp as soon as the dates and the application period are set. We are looking forward to your participation.

Communardo is a proud member of the Pledge 1% initiative. With initiatives like these, we are investing our time and resources to make this world a better place and give something back of what we have achieved. It is a small contribution today that we hope will have a huge impact tomorrow.

Read more about Pledge 1% and how you can give back to the community here: https://pledge1percent.org/

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March 15, 2019

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