Our Partners of the Year 2020

Shout out to all the great partners around the world presenting and selling Communardo Products, and a special thanks to our four partners of the year!

When selling apps for the Atlassian ecosystem, one thing is essential: support. And with this not just the assistance to customers granted by our capable coworkers, developers and the support-team, but the help of other solution partners and consultants worldwide.

They are highly important when it comes down to helping customers find what they are looking for or what they actually need to make the most out of their work and the technology available to do so. And they do all that in their respective language and time zone – something that a smaller company such as us couldn’t do that great or fast…. or let’s face it – at all.

So today, we would like to shout out to all the great partners around the world presenting and inevitably selling Communardo Products.

We wanted to say a special thank you to those four topping the list of successful marketers of our apps:

  • Adaptavist
  • cPrime
  • K15t
  • Seibert//Media

Thank you so much for your support – especially in such a crazy year as 2020 has been! A special little Christmas surprise is on it’s way to you 🎄

If you ever have any questions, need a quote or want to reach out to us, please contact us directly, check out the Communardo Atlassian Partner Portal page or use our support portal to raise an issue (via the Partner fast lane, of course).


David and Judith
Heads of Communardo Products

November 25, 2020

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Hello Judith and THANK YOU very much for this award on behalf of the whole K15t Team! Jerome

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