New Cloud App on the Horizon – Unleash the Power of User Profiles for Jira now!

As always, for the Communardo team sky is the limit! Embracing the Cloud at such a dizzying pace, we came up with efficient solutions to accelerate collaboration in shared teams. Freshly, the Communardo spacecraft has stopped on the planet Neptune by the power of which another app joined our Cloud family!

We got the highest rhythm in all of our efforts and brought to the table the User Profiles for Jira app to drive up productivity in this cloudy universe. 

Have you ever felt the need to provide information about a person on a Jira issue? Or even wanted to use this profile information in a JQL filter? Here’s good news: User Profiles for Jira Cloud can help you with that!

With our first release, we provide the opportunity to sync information from Azure AD to Jira. The AD attributes from Azure AD will be fetched and displayed automatically.

Keep on reading on how to take advantage of this powerful app! 

As a service agent, you struggle with resolving user requests due to a lack of user data. You waste a lot of time searching for user information, reaching out to other team members to find out what you need, and switching from one system to another. It is definitely frustrating and discouraging for employees and a real headache for businesses nowadays. With the User Profiles for Jira Cloud app, you are able to display any helpful information on your view screens.

  • It might be contact information, so you can directly access the phone number of the customer and get in contact easily. 
  • But this might also be any other important information that is helpful to process a ticket properly – That could be anything, depending on the process, like cost center, team or superior of the reporter.

But of course it is not only about displaying this additional user data

As a project manager, you struggle with reports that lack important details for your work processes. You need to tap other sources to establish proper control. It is time-consuming to search for Jira issues and a real problem if you do not extract the specific report you need for your work process. Also, often, you should prioritize Jira issues based on user profile data (e.g. department or team, or position). Using JQL and additional user information provided by User Profiles for Jira, you can optimally search for issues, improve your workflows, and increase productivity.

Based on the additional information which is accessible via our app, our customers can reach the full potential of Jira and:

  • Extend the opportunities to filter with custom fields for Jira issues. As a manager, you might want to conduct a report to evaluate the performance of different teams. To extract that one, you are able to filter on Jira issues with custom fields such as team or department mapped by the synchronization with Azure AD.
  • Build queues for their team and empower Jira Service Management agents to easily manage requests and prioritize issues based on user profile data. Thanks to the User Profiles for Jira app you could add any user information to the definition of your fast lane. Or maybe it would be helpful to divide requests based on the reporter’s country, as different regulations apply. 
  • Enable powerful new capabilities to automate tasks and processes. Use our app to further increase efficiency, because now it is also possible to include user information when defining your Jira Automations. For example, avoid manual work by automatically creating different subtasks for an issue depending on which team the reporter is from.

Extend the possibilities to filter with custom fields on Jira issues

By configuring and syncing your data with Azure AD, you can rest assured that your Jira issues will always be up to date. Providing all team members with a single source of truth can eliminate chaos and inefficient collaboration in your shared teams. But, it does not end here. Best part? All the configuration process happens real quick! With just a few clicks, you can easily set up the fields for additional user information. 


Set up fields for additional user information with just a few clicks

Giving the workforce the right tools and information they need to process issues properly is an excellent way to improve productivity and efficiency in shared teams. Make always sure that all users can easily find what they need when they use Jira and Jira Service Management. Leveraging the User Profiles for Jira Cloud app and getting the most out of its features would be the best way to start.

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