Make Work Flow in Jira with Powerful User Profiles

Automations save more than just a few minutes. Automated workflows also drastically boost efficiency and help free employees from time-consuming, mundane tasks.
When employees have the essential tools to successfully make the most of their work day and work toward their goals, the benefits are endless.

With the release of Jira 9, Automation for Jira has become a native feature, bringing additional value to Data Center customers. Jira admins can configure automation in Jira with unlimited power by allowing teams to create more time for a high-impact project.
As you already know, our experts at Communardo aim continuously to improve our solutions and empower employees with efficient tools for fast collaboration.

Thanks to this release, the User Profiles for Jira app freshly supports an advanced process for a specific use case.
Today, with a few clicks and simple actions, it’s easier than ever to assign superior or the manager for approval of a Jira issue automatically.
You can not only create enhanced profiles in Jira, but the app gives you powerful new capabilities to extend possibilities to automate and improve Jira workflows.
Keep reading to learn more about automated workflows with User Profiles for Jira.

Extend your possibilities to atomate in Jira

A common use case for most business processes is to have superior approval for specific Jira issues.

You can rely on User Profiles for Jira app features to automatically fetch the manager or superior of the assignee from the synchronization with your user directory and insert that information into your workflow. Besides that, there is now a way to send issues for approval to superiors automatically by setting the manager as the approver with automation rules.

This is accomplished by leveraging the User Profiles for Jira app. 

Jira admins can automate these specific work processes easily and empower employees to have a whale of time focusing on more significant and challenging tasks.

Gain new powerful capabilities to automate your work processes by leveraging User Profiles for Jira. Make Jira work for you! Try it now!

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