Level up your profiles with User Profiles for Confluence 3.3

After giving profiles in Confluence a huge overhaul just recently, the User Profiles app has reached yet another stage. With the release of version 3.3, profiles are now even easier to use, come with a fresh look, and even better technical integration.

Masonry layout for your people directory

The new list design for your people directory has a modern look and is loosened up by the so-called “masonry layout”. Especially for profile cards of different sizes, no more space is wasted.

Masonry layout for profile cards on your People Directory
Masonry layout for profile cards on your people directory

Improved UX in the macro browser dialogues

The display mode “selected elements” defines which elements of the user profile will be shown on a wiki page. Thanks to the latest improvement, you can now easily select the desired elements using a combo box, so that the creation of a profile with selected information is more efficient and intuitive.

choosing selected elements in the profile list macro

Java API

Furthermore, the Java API allows new technical integrations. You can add information from other sources to the user profile and use user profile information to enrich other applications you are using.

On top of these features, there are new macro icons implemented and the enhances profile macro comes with dynamic width, which enables the display of the entire content even when space is limited.

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