Karma 1.5 has arrived and I love it!

Karma 1.5 for Confluence now comes with a set of brand new features and we are really happy about their implementation


I’ll gladly admit it – I’m a Confluence fan and power user! I use Confluence for documentation, planning as well as the organization of my team and my projects in marketing. It’s hard to say if that is the reason why I scored second place in Communardo’s  Karma-ranking (eternal) or if I became acquainted with Confluence so quickly because of Karma. In any case, I got up to speed with this add on really fast and I just love it. The new version 1.5 now comes with a set of brand new features that some might know from the Social Media world and I am really happy about their implementation.

Karma stands for Gamification

To underestimate gamification would be wrong. Gamification means motivation, incentive, onboarding and having a consistent connection to colleagues, even if they’re not sitting in the same room (see my webinar on gamification 30.07.2015 in German).

So gamification is really useful in many ways and areas, … but, and here comes the but … only if you know how gamification actually works and if you use it focused and purposely. And that’s exactly where Karma has almost no limits in its configuration possibilities. How many points I get for which activities in Confluence, what badges and medals there are, that’s up to the system admin in coordination with management, the corporate communication or the works council.

When adjusted correctly Karma brings success. The wiki gardeners (that’s how we lovingly call the Confluence users) create pages, link them to one another, use labels or make comments directly on the page. That is how using and structuring content in Confluence can be optimized and new users can quickly learn how to use wiki.

Karma 1.5 offers new Features

And up until now I’ve been missing those new features, especially as they are all on social communities and forums.

Karma - overview with Challenge cups



Ranking within a set time frame

Karma naturally ranks those employees in the lead who have been working with the system for a longer period of time. That’s because it takes time to collect points. So in order to give every employee the equal opportunity and the motivation to head out front and be in the lead, to really get things exciting and make it more competitive, it is now possible to set a time frame for ranking. This could be weekly, daily or monthly and winners can be selected based on the chosen period.

That way newbies can finally enjoy that sweet taste of leading the ranking too.

Karma Leader Trophy

Screenshots _Challenge Cups

The new version now enables employees who earned the most Karma-Points in a certain time frame through activities in Confluence to be awarded. They are automatically rewarded with a virtual challenge cup, which then has to be passed to the new winner who earns more points in the same time frame.

The effects of the new features are clear:

  • motivation boost through a rewards system
  • understanding and using Confluence better
  • Taking advantage and exploring more of Confluence’s potential

We get a lot of feedback from Karma users with interesting ideas which we integrate into every new release. So watch this space for what the next update will have in store!

Karma for Confluence was aquired by Moewe and is now named Awards for Confluence! Get more information about the app in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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I read about your Add-On Karma for Confluence and I’m very interested. We have an internal rewarding system, which allows employees to give points to other employees based on extraordinary performances or critical help. Since we started using Confluence it would be nice to integrate this (obsolete) system in it. Karma for Confluence with his medals is what we are looking for (we are not interested in the other activity rewards, for now).

What we would like to know is, if it’s possible to award different points for different medals and to have some sort of detailed ranking (user, how many points, which medals and how many, for a different periods of time, etc.)

Thank You in advance for Your Reply (if you want, You can reply in German.. it should be also be easier for me)

Best regards and, since it’s almost the 25th, I wish You merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Remo Poretti

Hallo Remo,

vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an unserem Add-on. Gerne erläutere ich die bestehenden Karma-Optionen etwas näher. Hier einige Details zu den Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten von Karma for Confluence:

Wenn Sie lediglich an den Medals interessiert sind, haben Sie die Option die anderen “Karma Events” zu deaktivieren. Damit erhalten Ihre User keine Punkte für z.B. das Editieren einer Confluence-Seite oder das Hinterlassen eines Kommentars.
(Weiterführende Informationen zum Deaktivieren der Karma Events sind in der Dokumentation zu finden.)

Eine Übersicht der Karma-Punkte mit User-Ranking ist bereits Teil von Karma for Confluence. In der Karma-Übersicht werden detaillierte Informationen zu den Karmapunkten angezeigt sowie ein Ranking aller User, das man nach dem aktuellen Tag, der Woche, dem Monat, dem Jahr und dem gesamten Zeitraum filtern kann, während dem Karma for Confluence aktiv war.
Diese “Karma Overview” können Sie sich hier ansehen.

Zudem ist das Makro “Karma Ranking” Teil unseres Add-ons, das Sie in beliebige Confluence-Seiten einbinden können. Dieses Makro lässt sich auf einzelne User beschränken (sodass das Ranking z.B. auf ein bestimmtes Team eingeschränkt werden kann) oder es kann alle User zeigen. Einen Eindruck von der Makro-Ansicht können sich hier verschaffen.

Verschiedene Punkte für verschiedene Medaillen zu vergeben, ist derzeit noch nicht Teil der Karma-Funktionalität. Wir halten die Option jedoch für eine sehr gute Erweiterung unseres Add-ons und haben sie bereits als Anforderung erfasst. Diese Anforderung ist noch nicht für ein Release aufgeplant. Sie finden Sie hier in unserem JIRA: https://jira.communardo.de/browse/KARMA-235
Ich habe in Ihrem Namen für die Anforderung abgestimmt, um deren Gewichtung zu erhöhen.

Die gesammelten Votes (in Form der erwähnten Usertickets u.ä. in den Kommentaren) helfen uns das öffentliche Interesse an der jeweiligen Anforderung einzuschätzen und Ressourcen für zukünftige Entwicklung einzuteilen.

Ich hoffe, diese Informationen helfen Ihnen weiter. Gerne beantworten wir Fragen, die möglicherweise noch offen geblieben sind. Wenn Sie den Support direkt kontaktieren möchten, senden Sie einfach eine E-Mail an products [at] communardo [Punkt] de.

Mit weihnachtlichen Grüßen

Communardo Support Team

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