JIRA Quicksearch with CUTE

How to use our CUTE for JIRA add-on to add a quicksearch opportunity to you JIRA without having knowledge of the Atlassian addon development.

The Confluence Quicksearch is one of my most used features. I simply type in some keyword and Confluence offers me some possible results. I neither have to leave my current page nor do i have to switch over to the real searchpage. So, there is one question: Why is there no such quicksearch feature in JIRA? Fortunately, we have CUTE to help us out here…

The solution should be simple and intuitive. If we go to the JIRA global search and insert at least 3 characters, a quicksearch result panel should appear right below the searchbox. Internally, the quicksearch only has to search for the issue summaries. Additionaly, it should show up a result if we insert a specific issuekey.

We, at Communardo, have solved this little requirement with our CUTE addon. It is available at the Atlassian Marketplace and can be tried by anyone right now.



The CUTE addon gives the JIRA and Confluence administrators the opportunity to insert their own HTML, CSS and JavaScript content into JIRA or Confluence without having knowledge of the Atlassian addon development.

We have packet our JIRA quicksearch solution as an extension and uploaded it to the Communardo Supportportal. Simply download the extension and import it to your JIRA using the CUTE administration view! You also can hop into our JIRA Demo and give it a try. Just insert the searchword “test” into the global search field!

There is a more detailed post that explaines how this Extension has been built.

>> Find out more about JIRA licences here!

March 13, 2015

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