Introducing the NEW SharePoint Connector for Confluence

Time for a change - the "old" SharePoint Connector will be discontinued, and its name will be given to its descendant, formerly known as the SharePoint Online Connector! Read on to find out more:

In June 2019, we announced the upcoming end-of-life of the good old SharePoint Connector for Confluence, and we asked for your feedback on this particular app. Based on your feedback and our vision for the SharePoint Online Connector we decided to discontinue the feature development for the old SharePoint Connector for Confluence. Read on to find out more.

New Names for the SharePoint Connector Apps

We’re going to rename the “SharePoint Online Connector” and “SharePoint Connector for Confluence” in the Atlassian Marketplace. The SharePoint Online Connector will soon be named “SharePoint Connector for Confluence” to reflect its capability to connect Confluence with SharePoint on Premises versions, as well as SharePoint Online. The old SharePoint Connector for Confluence will then be named “Legacy SharePoint Connector” to reflect that the app won’t get any more feature updates.

Product Differences

Overview functionalities SharePoint Connectors

Upgrade from the old SharePoint Connector to the newer one

Since an automatic migration won’t work for most customer scenarios here is what we would suggest in order to move from the old SharePoint Connector to the new one.
  1. Download the SharePoint Connector for Confluence app in the Atlassian Marketplace (available for Confluence Server or Datacenter)
  2. Install the regarding app in your Confluence and SharePoint instance (please refer to our installation guide)
  3. Let both apps run in parallel, for at least a short transitional phase, as this won’t cause any issues. We are happy to support you in switching apps by offering you an individual discount for the new SharePoint Connector, in order to enable you to migrate without additional licensing costs. Simply get in touch with us!
  4. If you like the app please feel free to leave a review at the Atlassian Marketplace.

If you still have open questions you can get in touch with us via our support portal.

Want to give the SharePoint Connector for Confluence a try and enjoy the power of Confluence document management?

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