Improve your Jira Service Management with CUTE

Navigate easily from the Jira Service Management (formerly: Jira Service Desk) customer portal to the Jira issue view - with CUTE!

If your company uses Jira Service Management (formerly: Jira Service Desk) Server, you might be familiar with the following scenario: A customer has raised a support request with you. Having a question regarding the request, they send you a link to the customer request. However, when clicking the link as a Service Desk Agent, you are notified that you are not allowed to see the customer view.

Error message in the customer portal that you are not allowed to see the request

To make things even more confusing, this is despite the fact that you have permission to see the issue view in Jira itself. At this point, you are not automatically forwarded from the customer view to the issue view.

You will not be the first Atlassian customer to have trouble navigating from the Customer Portal back to Jira. Over at Atlassian there is an open suggestion that addresses this behavior.

The Solution

Seeing as this error message is displayed to everyone but Service Desk Agents, who are by far not the only group with customer contact in any given company, we were pressed for a solution.
It comes in form of our CUTE for Jira App. We used CUTE for Jira to display an additional button “Browse to internal view” on the error screen which will lead you to the issue view of a request (provided you are permitted to see it).

Error message in the customer portal stating that you are not allowed to see request with an additional button reading'browse to internal view' and the mouse-over dialog reading'Forwarding to internal view for Communardo staff'

The Extension

Essentially, the extension displays a button linking to the issue view based on the URL and the error message displayed on-screen.

The extension works in all Jira default languages. The button and mouse-over dialog will generally be displayed in English. In German however, the button and dialog will appear in German.

Using a property “companyname”, we added the option to tailor the mouse-over dialog to your brand.

Edit company property in the CUTE administration

Where can I get the Extension?

Download the extension for free in our Support Portal. Like with all sample extensions, you can make whatever changes you need to use it in your environment, like adding further language support.

You can get a evaluation license in the Atlassian Marketplace to try it out!

June 29, 2017

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