How to embed a page or blog from Confluence into SharePoint Online

The (for now) final section of this blog series will cover another top feature of our app SharePoint Connector for Confluence: displaying content (blogs, single blog post or of course pages) from Confluence in SharePoint Online! So why would one have the need to embed for that at all? We'll find out soon!

Customers often tell us that SharePoint´s real strength is working with (Office) documents while Confluence offers the superior wiki. This often leads to a situation where the gap in the integration of the two systems forms some sort of digital divide. But – to say it with the words of Apple Inc. – there’s an app for that! Now let’s have a look how that would handle in real life.

CSIO WebPart

When editing a SharePoint page and working with content a WebPart called “Confluence Content” can be used to display information from the remote system. Adding that to a page lets the user choose between a Confluence page, a blog or a single blog post to embed. Depending on the selected type a dialogue will guide the user to identify the content that is relevant in that case. And of course, copy and pasting of URLs is providing a valid shortcut to the selection process. The animation below shows how that could feel like:

CSIOnline Webpart

To get started with SharePoint Connector for Confluence visit the Atlassian Marketplace. Our docs provide comprehensive support for all things related to the configuration. If you need any further help please feel free to contact our support team!

SharePoint Connector is now available for all hosting options: Confluence Cloud, Data Center and Server, as well as SharePoint Online and on Premises.

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