How to beautifully link SharePoint files in Confluence

When you want to embed a document which is stored in SharePoint into a Confluence page using the SharePoint Connector (since it wouldn’t be an integration without the app), you’d:

  • use the macro
  • lookup your file
  • choose how it’s supposed to be displayed (as link or embed)
  • insert the said file to your liking

That’s the way by the book. But since 2020 and with one of the latest versions, you may shorten that process.

Just copy the file’s URL in SharePoint. And then drop the link on the page you are editing. That’s it.

It’s rendered beautifully automatically. You may choose another display option then.

Embed SharePoint into a Confluence page by copying the file's URL and pasting on the Confluence page.

Go get yourself your SharePoint Connector and try it 30 days for free.

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