How Kiwigrid jump-started their SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) in Confluence

Why Kiwigrid set up an efficient process and quality management in their wiki, which employees are actually using.

The digitization of business models and products is currently changing the entire economy and thus the work of companies. In order for business processes to adapt to the changing conditions of the company with the necessary speed, it requires the knowledge of all.

A wiki-based QM solution helps greatly in creating the basis for establishing efficient process management in a company in the long term and also to meet the ISO 9001 requirements for the process-oriented approach and the seven principles of QM. These include the integration of all persons involved in the processes, continuous improvement, and a high level of customer orientation.

Quality Management System templates delivered with the Process Management Suite for Confluence

Ines Masopust, Quality Management Representative at Kiwigrid, was facing the challenge of finding a solution for an integrated quality management system in an IT company. Furthermore, it had to work with the existing and accepted communication and knowledge management tools. 

Since there hasn’t been any Quality Management System in place before, she’s been handling the channeling of knowledge, building up of liabilities of documentation as well as the management of actions arising from risks, opportunities, audits, etc. with papers!

To solve that issue, she has been searching for a solution expanding existing solutions in ticket systems and knowledge management. That’s where Communardo’s Process Management Suite for Confluence and the SocialQMS solution came into play. 

Process landscape created with the Process Management Suite for Confluence

A link to Atlassian Jira facilitates the dispatch and acceptance of tasks, the approval workflow ensures the binding nature of the documents and marks their integrity, the collaborative work on the documents enables a living quality management system and automatically generated overview pages allow user-specific views of the system. Thus, all employees can work on the topics on an equal footing, and yet there is a multi-stage review of the documents.

„If a wiki system is already available and accepted in the company, this is the best solution to set up a quality management system according to any standard.“ Ines Masopust says. „With the Process Management for Confluence, we found the right solution for our integrated management system. It covers all our requirements of a non-producing company for such a system.“

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