High-Contrast Mode for Confluence

Firefox and Internet Explorer work well with high-contrast mode. Chrome can be adapted with the help of an extension.

Germany-Flag-iconMany visually impaired users have a hard time reading websites unaided. To make them more accessible, they use screen readers or adjust the browser’s font type and size. But especially for people with color vision deficiency it may be sufficient to increase the contrast. That is done with a setting of the operating system (e.g. Windows), which is picked up by the browsers. At least by most browsers.

With this blogpost I want to show how Atlassian Confluence looks in high-contrast mode, how some issues with it can be addressed, and how to enable it for Google Chrome.

Firefox and Internet Explorer are working fine with the operating system’s setting. With IE it is not even necessary to reload the tab after enabling high-contrast mode. The following screenshots show how Atlassian Confluence looks in this mode:

The screenshots show that most content is displayed properly with high-contrast, but some graphical elements are missing. This has not to do with high-contrast mode itself, but rather with how Confluence displays these elements. To fix those issues we recommend the use of our add-on Accessibility for Confluence. Its value is most prominent in the editor, where it makes the buttons legible and therefore usable.

With Google Chrome this doesn’t work out-of-the-box. Websites are not rendered differently in high-contrast mode; Chrome is not honouring the operating system’s setting. Fortunately, the Extension High Contrast can be used to manually adjust Chrome’s high-contrast mode. It has multiple contrast settings, two of which are shown in these screenshots (again, using the example Atlassian Confluence).


logo_accessibility_for_confluenceYou want to know more about our add-on Accessibility for Confluence?

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