Here comes the next Communardo app to join the Cloud party: User Profiles for Confluence Cloud

Developing apps for the Confluence Cloud can be quite a challenge depending on the use case the product is covering. That’s been the case for User Profiles for Confluence – an app we do have more than ten years of experience with in Server.

One reason being a couple of limitations in Confluence Cloud:

  • A technical limitation regarding displaying additional information within the profile site as well as the people directory.
  • A limitation of data, which can be queried from an Atlassian Cloud profile. At the moment, that’s a person’s name, e-mail-address as well as the avatar. BUT only if the visibility of these is set to public.

Furthermore, as we all know Atlassian is heavily investing in Cloud development. So time will show soon enough, which features regarding profiles Atlassian is going to implement themselves and thus making investments we might make obsolete.

So for everyone who’s dealing with profile information and synchronization – from veteran User Profiles users to anyone tired of limited and outdated information in Cloud profiles – we tackled these limitations. And now, we can proudly present: User Profiles for Confluence Cloud! 

Use a macro to display people in charge

The Contact Person macro makes it easy to display the colleagues in charge of a certain topic in Confluence Cloud. Furthermore, you take the responsibility of profile updates out of users’ hands since synchronization enables you to pull pictures, mail addresses and business phone number directly from Microsoft 365.

Integrate Microsoft Teams Chat and status

Start conversations directly from the Contact Person macros using links to Microsoft Teams. Since you’ll see the recent Teams status you can just easily check your colleagues availability before getting in touch.

What’s coming in the next releases:

  • possibility to add/show also other information (besides contact information)
  • display user lists (show more than one profile (with the synced info) based on certain profile information)
  • display org charts 
  • offering variations of design for the Contact Person macro
  • provide synchronization with other identity providers (besides Microsoft)

To accompany the cloud launch there is a limited discount during the early access phase of this app. Please note that the recent price is already the discounted price. Hurry up, since it will only last until September 2021.

Learn more about the recent development of the app by having a look at the public roadmap.

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