From idea to execution – This is how Link Spotter came to life!

Behind every great product, there's a greater story of how everything started. Our first Microsoft Teams app, Link Spotter, is no different!

The Communardo product teams are constantly evaluating, building, and refining app ideas, with innovation at the center of everything we create. Four months ago, our first Microsoft Teams app Link Spotter, was launched. But what happened before that? How did everything get started?

The Innovation Award at Communardo

Each year, Communardo organizes the INNO Award (innovation award). This magical time is when new app ideas coming from the employees and teams are evaluated and reviewed.  

Everything takes place in an off-site event, and each individual or group presents their idea. 

This approach pushes for innovation from within the company, collects feedback from various angles, and is immensely fun!  

Can you guess who won the Inno Award 2019?! Link Spotter, which back then was named The Link Analytic App. How time flies by! 

The ones behind-the-scene

Link Spotter was originally proposed by Peter Geißler (the idea giver), who together with Jürgen Tomaszewski (feasibility analysis/technical breakthrough) and Thomas Dedek (implementation/teams app programming) defined the value proposition for it. 

Before Link Spotter, precious time was being wasted looking for different shared links each of us sends via Teams channels. Why not build an app that helps to find shared links easier? After preparing a well-thought-out business plan, they shared it with the Business Line managers to promote the further implementation of the idea. 

Anne Hammer, the Product Owner, and Anika Wagner, the Software Developer defined and designed this promising product further. Later on, the development of Link Spotter started and showed once again the great connection between our internal processes and the outcome of it.

Link Spotter is available since August 2021 in Microsoft AppSource! During the course of Microsoft’s Modern Week in September, our Communardo Link Spotter app was presented and mentioned as a great example in the session of “Teams as a platform. How? Business processes also work in teams?” (29.09.). Get access to the recording and slides here (German).

Are you eager to use Link Spotter yourself?

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