Find the answers to your questions – Communardo’s support portal is here for you

Whether you are looking for user guides, release documentation, the answers to frequently asked questions, or to find a place to quench your thirst for insights into Communardo's products - the Support Portal is here for you.

Are you looking for the information you need to get started with our apps and don’t know where to begin? Or do you have any issues that you would like to have solved, any questions that came up recently, and feedback that you want to give?

We’ll show you where to look within our support portal to help yourself or let us assist you with everything related to our products and services.

Product Center

Whether you want to get comfortable with Communardo products in the beginning, set up an app, or you are already implemented one, our Product Center is the best way to get started. There you’ll find descriptions for all of our apps, important functions, and – most crucial – the documentation for installing each of our apps so that there’s nothing in the way to your success. 

Knowledge Base

If you want to dive deeper into our product world, the Knowledge Base is the place to go. In this self-service center, you’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions that we gathered from other users regarding our apps and all Communardo-related topics. Also if you have any questions regarding the licensing of our products, the Knowledge Base offers you great help.

Service Desk

If you have the feeling that neither the Product Center nor the Knowledge Base gave you the answer(s) you were looking for, then it’s time to check out our Service Desk. Choose the category you see your issue in and simply raise a ticket.


Our dedicated support team will get in touch with you with a direct answer or to further discuss your questions and work on a solution together.

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November 24, 2020

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