Ensure a Secure Digital Workplace with the SharePoint Connector for Confluence

Do you have what you need to close the digital divide in your organization without sacrificing security?
Here’s how you can achieve a secure digital workplace.

As digital workplaces continue to be advanced and steadily adopted, organizations are faced with a large number of challenges. Despite taking into account all workplace demands, a lot of companies struggle to set up a unique platform where teams can work together without barriers. Thus, connectivity between robust platforms like SharePoint and Confluence has become a necessary requirement of today’s businesses.

The Question Arises: How Can We Bring all the Pieces Together?

Many vendors have brought solutions that could close the gap between platforms for better teamwork to the table. For instance, apps that enable the proper flow of information to improve productivity in the digital workspace.

At Communardo, we have developed SharePoint Connector for Confluence; a powerful app that enables integration between SharePoint and Confluence. It also offers the highest level of security

  • Communication between SharePoint and Confluence happens in your browser. The app does not send any data to Communardo or other third parties. Consequently, it does not save passwords and credentials of any of your systems at all.

  • Furthermore, the key functionalities of this app are based on the global permission scheme of your company’s SharePoint. As a result, you will have easy access to information, only if, you, as an end-user, have permissions for it – even if you are a SharePoint guest user. This is a stoic feature of our app that sets it apart from other vendors. 

  • SharePoint Connector for Confluence strives to provide easy collaboration capabilities for users of both platforms, SharePoint and Confluence, without sacrificing privacy and security. Using existing permission levels for each user can help protect data effectively and preserve editing history in SharePoint. This will also encourage greater ownership of content and data for groups that do have access. This feature is also key in maintaining content structure and data validity. While you want the ability to close the gap between users of both platforms and allow better collaboration, you still want to make sure content structure is maintained.

SharePoint Connector for Confluence – The Solution to the Chaos

If you want to close the digital divide in your organization, and between SharePoint and Confluence, then you need to leverage this app. Aside from helping you integrate the two platforms, the app also guarantees that your data will remain secure. You can rest assured that no one will access information without permission while allowing for improved collaboration efforts between your teams. 

Take the first step towards greater productivity and eliminate siloes effectively, today.

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