Discover the Latest SubSpace Navigation: New Features and Effortless Cloud Migration

How to get your team up and running in the Confluence cloud? Cloud migration will be at the top of your mind if you haven’t already done it. At Communardo Products, we understand this need of our customers and that’s why we are offering a semi-automatic migration for SubSpace Navigation. With the new SubSpace Navigation Server/DC (3.5.4 version), you can simply migrate the navigation solution to the cloud with two simple steps. Check out the details in this link for how it works.


To make navigation easier through the Confluence cloud, now we have also developed new features to bring more to the table to enhance collaboration (see picture below). Now take advantage of our new features to empower multiple admins to work on menus simultaneously in Confluence. 

1. Tracking Modifications

Since the last release, we have made it available for multiple admins to work on different menus simultaneously, that’s where the new version of SubSpace Navigation comes in. It is now straightforward to see modification details for a specific Menu, specifically Who modified it last and When in the Table Overview. Any changes that happen to the Menu (such as changes in Name, Visibility, or Configuration) are tracked. This will let the admins have a clear knowledge of the necessary information to manage and communicate changes efficiently.

2. Duplicating Menus in a Snap

With the new feature, you can say goodbye to recreating menus from scratch. Our new feature allows you to directly create a copy of the exact configuration/style of any Menu, instead of starting from scratch. This saves time and effort in creating identical menus with a click.

3. Setting Any Menu as Your Default

Our solution also includes a default menu, which comes with additional display options and cannot be deleted. We understand the importance of customization, so we’ve provided the option for admins to change which menu they want to keep as their default. This gives you greater flexibility and control over the appearance and functionality of your menus.

SubSpace Navigation for Confluence has been continuously improving by intaking customers’ suggestions, if you have any feedback regarding the navigation solution, we are all ears. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of Confluence and streamline your team’s productivity.

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