Deviniti Jira Day 2021

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Only two more months to go until the 9th Jira Day by Deviniti takes place May 25-27. Anyone who joined the event last year must have been excited for Jira Day 2021. You did not participate in Jira Day 2020? Well, it was one of the most outstanding digital events I experienced last year. I am in no way exaggerating! We had some worthwhile days with Julian moderating and sharing some Deviniti insights, as well as creating insider jokes like #lavalamp.

I am already looking forward to joining Jira Day 2021 – will we meet us?

Deviniti Jira Day 2021 - Communardo session: Efficient process and quality management - How Kiwigrid jump started their wiki as an SOP

Of course, we’re not only watching and enjoying the event but prepared an inspiring presentation for you!

Join my colleague Franziska at 13:55 to 14:30 on May 25th, during her talk “Efficient process and quality management – How Kiwigrid jump-started their wiki as an SOP”, and you’ll get to know:

  • Why a wiki-based quality management solution might be perfect for you
  • How to trouble-free meet ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  • How Kiwigrid found the right solution for an integrated QM system
  • Communardo’s Process Management Suite for Confluence

In our session you’ll learn how to create your individual fitting SOP (standard operating procedures) and quality management with the help of Communardos apps and solutions, to be capable to tackle the challenges of an ever-changing business world.

You’d like to get to know more about Process Management Suite for Confluence just now? Visit the product page.

March 30, 2021

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