Deviniti Jira Day 2019

Communardo presents their apps at Deviniti Jira Day 2019 in Warsaw.

Deviniti hosts their annually Atlassian Event, specially dedicated to the one-and-only Jira and Communardo will take part as one of this year’s sponsors. Join Deviniti, us and other Atlassian Jira experts and enthusiasts for Jira Day 2019 on May 29th to May 30th in Warsaw and enjoy interesting presentations and workshops. Hint: our participation might march to a different tune than Jira ūüėČ


What You’ll See from Communardo

May, 29th 2019

Tackle the Chaos with Categories for Bitbucket
(15 min. presentation)

How many repositories do you have in Bitbucket? I bet more than you think! Categories for Bitbucket structures repositories and projects by categorizing them, giving you a quick overview to find projects and repositories faster than ever before. 

May, 30th 2019

How to structure and personalize your wiki with Metadata for Confluence (1.5 h training)

“I’m working with Confluence daily to collaborate and share my knowledge on projects with my colleagues. Meanwhile, I get the feeling I’m losing the thread within all the pages we create within the company.” This problem seems familiar? To maintain an overview of your Confluence and keep the wiki neat and tidy, Metadata for Confluence is the perfect solution. In this session, we present the main features, the benefits and the possibilities you have with this app. Furthermore, we’ll show how to use Metadata to personalize news feeds and dashboards in Confluence.

Visit our booth to get more information regarding all of our apps. Can’t wait to see any of these solutions? Simply contact us to schedule a private demo.



Wednesday, May 29th

Presentations & After Party

Thursday, May 30th

Workshops, Demos & Prize Lottery

¬†¬ĽJira Day 2019



PGE Narodowy Stadium

al. Ksiecia Józefa Poniatowskiego 1,
03-901 Warszawa, Poland

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April 8, 2019

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