Houston we have Jira, we don’t have a problem – Deviniti Jira Day 2019

"Houston we have Jira, we don't have a problem" - this years Deviniti Jira Day motto took us to space and beyond.

Like many other great Marketplace vendors we were attending this exciting two day event taking place in the impressive National Stadium in Warsaw.

Jira Day 2019 Stadion

But not only the location was impressive, the event and its agenda was easily able to keep up with this! We found ourselves among 14 other Marketplace vendors presenting our apps to interested Jira /Confluence admins, developers and other Atlassian enthusiasts. Besides we had the chance to present two of our apps more detailed (read below).

Opening Keynote by Feico Mol

In his opening keynote Feico Mol took everyone on a travel from the industrial revolution to todays industry 4.0. What has changed in the past around 180 years? I guess you might know the answer: a lot!

Todays work is characterized by competition, disruption, a faster pace of innovation, being always on, distributed teams and a high value of partnerships. This leads to an increased need to be able to change. But the adaption of change is not enough to be ready for the future change needs to be embraced, not only by the company, but by all its employees.

Feico Mol_Jira Day 2019

Confluence at Jira Day? No way!?

Although this event is called Jira Day we took the chance to present one of our most famous Confluence apps: Metadata for Confluence. Our Product Owner Karen had a 1.5h workshop where she presented some practical use cases on how to use this app to enrich your Confluence to the interested attendees. But how come we presented a Confluence instead of a Jira app? Well, most companies do not only use Jira but both systems together. As Jira Day is one of the great opportunities to get to know Jira better we also wanted to help people to better understand Confluence.

But we did not stop with Confluence. As Atlassian offers a lot more systems than only the two already mentioned we also decided to shine a light on Bitbucket and accordingly on our Categories for Bitbucket app. In a short presentation on Day 1 Karen showed the main functionalities of this app and how to easily create yourself an organized Bitbucket.

KAS at Jira Day 2019

You missed this years Jira Day? No problem, mark May 27th to 28th 2020 in your calender and look forward to an exciting Jira Day 2020 in the National Stadium in Warsaw with Deviniti and all their partners!

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June 11, 2019

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