Defining your company processes via: Process Management Suite and Comala Document Management

It’s no surprise that flexible businesses need flexible processes – and even though tools are an important part of this puzzle, your team collaboration will make all the difference in your process success. 

This is where a wiki-based Quality Management Solution (QMS) comes into play. It provides a blueprint for establishing efficient, agile process management across your organization.

  • Easily accessible, central space for all processes;​
  • Continuous improvement everyone can easily take part in;​
  • Transparent and flexible documentation throughout the company;

Let’s see how you can integrate two powerful tools, Process Management Suite and Comala Document Management to achieve this! 

Process Management Suite

It brings process documentation to life with a wiki-based, ISO 9001:2015-compliant QMS that empowers teams to shape the processes they use to do their work. Guided workflows, process templates, and clear audit trails enable a structured, collaborative approach to process documentation and management. Predefined metadata with bundles and spaces and pages which are already set up to help you. For example, create your set up your processes, create your documentation and create a quality management system.

Meanwhile, meeting ISO 9001 requirements is a breeze as the solution effortlessly complies with the seven principles of QM. These include the integration of everyone involved in the processes, continuous improvement, and a high level of customer orientation.

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Comala Document Management 

This powerful app adds workflows to your Confluence pages, making reviews and approvals an intuitive process.

The workflow allows you to:

  • ensure that content is reviewed and signed-off;
  • assign specific users as reviewers for the content reviews in the states;

Combined with the Process Management Suite app, it provides additional functions, such as:

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Once you have both apps installed, you can simply copy the example workflow for Comala Document Management here, and add the workflow to the Global Workflow Templates in Comala. 

With the use of Comala’s you as a user can see the following information:

  • Current version of a page (e.g. draft, review or published)

With the use of Communardo’s app, you as a user can see the following information:

  • View page history 
  • Additional details by whom and when the last draft or published version was modified
  • Other versions are available (e.g. newer draft versions)
    • This information is necessary when people are working together in a process team.

All the information are shown in a concise format.

How you can use the tools together 

  • Avoiding “The blank space problem”;

Now, once you start writing your processes, you don’t need to lose time with structure organisation or other details, they’re already set up. With predefined templates, you can just fill out the important process information. 

  • ISO 9001 certification;

Page history, Normative reference, Process approval (thanks to comala)

  • Continous Improvement;

The app creates workspaces for every team to be able to improve and iterate on their processes. This activity can be regular on a monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis. In each workspace, the team is able to organise their work, and it includes:

  • User feedback;
  • Incomplete tasks for the process team;
  • Link to the process;
  • Upcoming deadlines;
  • Latest meeting notes;
  • etc. 

With the help of a wiki-based QM solution, you can create the perfect basis for establishing efficient process management in your company in the long term and also meet the ISO 9001 requirements for the
process-oriented approach and the seven principles of QM. Now it’s time for you to enjoy all the beauty and benefits these powerful apps collaboration offers. Try it out yourself today. 

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