Communardo on Tour – AtlasCamp 2017

Our team joined Atlassian for AtlasCamp 2017 in Barcelona. For you, we summed up news and key topics, which were discussed at the event.

As always, Communardo has been a guest at the AtlasCamp. This year we were invited to Barcelona, where Atlassian provided us with a lot of news about their products.

Atlassian Cloud

Fresh Paint

The Atlassian cloud platforms will gradually get a new design in the near future. How this will look like was shown at the technical frontend talks. Atlassian has also created a new design guideline, which now also shines in the new look and feel. Interestingly, this new look will only be available for the cloud platforms. We are eager to see when this will be available for the on-premise products.

Based on the new design, the new tools for frontend development are particularly interesting for us developers. Atlassian has made the “Atlaskit” available for the new design and showed us how to use it on a very technical level…. pretty good job there.

Storytime – Migration from on-premise to cloud

We were especially impressed by Atlassian’s story of migrating the Confluence Questions on-premise add-on to the cloud platform. There were not only insights into the approach to such a migration but also some honest statements by Atlassian regarding the challenges we face as developers.

Trello – A new platform for us add-On Developers

Atlassian’s latest purchase was also presented to us. Trello sees itself positioned between Confluence and JIRA and offers interesting new aspects for our add-on ideas. Add-ons are called “PowerUps” and are currently receiving a lot of attention by Trello. It is planned to rework the UI for the listings of available PowerUps and offer the possibility of commercialization.

P2 add-ons – still in the game

Atlassian has also become more aware of the existing P2 add-ons. They are used in on-premise installations of Atlassian and allow partial deeper interventions in the system than it’s the case for cloud add-ons. There were some pretty good technical talks on how the different frontend technologies can be integrated into the P2 build process.


>> Learn more about sessions and track summaries at the AtlasCamp website.

May 17, 2017

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