Communardo Products Trainee Program – a unique opportunity for top talents with a constant thirst for new knowledge

Communardos trainee program is designed to support the career path of recent graduates in Albania. Learn more:

We all strive hard at university to do our best for our future career. The next challenge: It is time to think about our career path. Have you studied informatics or other similar fields of study? Communardo has created a career roadmap for you!

Let’s introduce Communardo’s Trainee Program – one step toward a better future

Our Trainee Program is designed to guide and support the career path of talented recent graduates in informatics or other similar fields of study in Albania. It aims to develop young talents to become leaders who will design our future products.

The recruitment process started last year, and after several interviews with recent graduate students, this interpersonal skills and professional development training program is going perfectly. Students are enthusiastic about their journey. These are some of the comments about the Communardo Products Trainee Program:

How is the program structured?

The program has begun with a step-by-step presentation of competency modules at Communardo offices in Tirana. Our trainees are learning about:

  • Social Skills (effective communication, active listening, conflict resolution, problem-solving, time management)
  • Methodological skills (agile software development, communication of technical details, usability/UX, testing)
  • Development skills (JavaScript with HTML5, CSS, Java, Database Basics, HTTP Basics, NodeJS and TypeScript)

What support and training do our trainees receive?

  • Mentoring and coaching from colleagues and senior developers, and team members
  • Effective professional development through learning and practice sessions
  • Learning some best practices for working efficiently in a remote environment
  • Learning how to set priorities, manage different tasks, handle stress, and use time management strategies
If you want professional qualifications and opportunities to develop your career, join the Trainee Program and enjoy working with our projects while benefiting from experienced mentors and in-depth training.

Are you interested in joining our team? Use the easy and fast way and apply via our application form.

April 15, 2021

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