Communardo hands over Karma for Confluence to MOEWE

We have to say good bye to Karma for Confluence, which is now part of the app portfolio of MOEWE - The good news? New features are coming soon!

Over the past 10 years, we have developed a larger number of apps for the Atlassian Marketplace. Karma for Confluence is one of the products we have been particularly proud of. As we have increasingly focused on our core products, such as User Profiles, Metadata and SharePoint Connectors, we have not been able to put as much passion into Karma for Confluence as this great product deserves.

That is why we are handing over Karma for Confluence to MOEWE GbR. The company, which is a partner in the Communardo Expert Network, has specialized in services for WordPress and Atlassian (including Atlassian Apps) since 2015. Therefore, we are convinced that the product will continue to be in good hands.


Why does MOEWE take over Karma for Confluence?

MOEWE sees great potential to improve the use of Confluence. Therefore, the company is increasingly focusing on developing its own apps for Atlassian and wants to achieve “Top Vendor” status with Karma for Confluence in the future. The app fits well into MOEWE’s portfolio in terms of scope and functionality. With the transfer, more frequent release cycles can be guaranteed in the future. As a user, you will benefit from improvements and further developments based on customer feedback.

What can you expect as a user?

With the takeover of the Karma for Confluence App by MOEWE, the app will be updated in the near future, and a new version will be made available to you. In the medium term, customer feedback will be prioritized and implemented in order to offer you newly developed features. In addition, the long-term goals are continuous development, seamless integration into Confluence and the development of interfaces.

We thank you for your trust in Karma for Confluence. We are confident that the app is in good hands with MOEWE and that you, as a user, will benefit from the transfer.

Any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!
February 18, 2019

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