It’s celebration time, it’s Link Spotter time!

Let's celebrate Communardo's first Teams app: Link Spotter!

Working in an agile environment means: a lot of communication and sharing information in Microsoft Teams channels. We at Communardo, have found ourselves looking for different shared links each of us needed to work with, searching every channel one by one.

To be honest: it has been time-consuming and frustrating. Thus, we wanted to find a solution to enhance teamwork and a new app idea was born. Not only for us but for many other organizations, which are facing the exact problem: Sharing news you’d like to highlight to colleagues, linking to inspirational and helpful content, or sharing URLs, e.g. from Microsoft 365 or Atlassian tools. 

challenge accepted

Now we are excited and proud to announce that Communardo’s first Teams app Link Spotter is finally public! 

It has been a journey of many difficulties and challenges, from internal releases to having different colleagues testing every step of the development processes. In the first internal release, we were focused on features such as displaying all links, implementing three buttons for actions with links, and a basic search.

After the first internal release, we asked our colleagues for feedback, which helped us understand what features we need to improve. The focus of the second app release was the missing mobile UI, as well as the search by the author. On top, we included a lot of improvements for app offboarding, bug fixes, and performance issues. 

After all, we managed to develop this powerful app that helps you find all shared URLs in channels faster

Link Spotter can be added in every public channel as a register tab and provides you all shared links instantly – no more long scrolling in long threads needed. You can filter and search for keywords, you can jump to the original post and keep on working there, or you just open the links. It’s as easy as that and saves you all the hassle.

Starting today, you can use Link Spotter for Microsoft Teams to:

  • Find shared links faster & save precious time
  • Stay in your context using the register tab in your teams channel/chat
  • Search for keywords
  • Filter by author & date
  • Open & work with shared links
  • Copy & save URLs
  • React to the associated posts

Time to celebrate Communardo’s first Microsoft Teams app!


To celebrate our first Microsoft Teams app our team enjoyed some delicious cake in the Dresden office.

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Yay, congrats to the Communardo team! I’m definitely a sucker for sharing all kinds of interesting links I find online with other team members so this looks super interesting. Also, how cool is that CTA?! 🍰

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