catworkx Midsummer Day in Hamburg – another Atlassian highlight in the “German-speaking” area!

Communardo was part at this year's catworkx Midsummer Day in Hamburg including birthday party, informative presentations and lots of fun!

They say you have to create your own highlights. Or there are already some. You just have to recognize them as highlights and participate in them. And it can’t be denied that this year’s catworkx Midsummerday with its 20th anniversary was an absolute highlight. It exceeded all our expectations!

Big Birthday Party of catworkx

Catworkx turned 20 and we celebrated this with a grandiose party on the MS KOI, which drove along the Elbe. It invited all of us to dance and socialize in good summer evening weather. But this celebration was not the only highlight. The birthday was also celebrated with very good presentations about Atlassian Tools and implemented applications on the two days of the catworkx Midsummer Day.

catworkx Midsummer Day 2019
catworkx Midsummer Day 2019

Dive into the Atlassian world on catworkx Midsummer Day

Commuanrdo as an Atlassian App developer was also there. That’s why I travelled with my colleagues Claudia Lutter, Christina Schantin and Florian Zöllner to Hamburg. Christina Schantin and I participated at the warm up of the app providers on monday evening and therefore as sponsor of the event. It was a good opportunity to maintain old and new contacts and to get in the mood for two full days.

The first day was marked by a total of seven slots, each with four parallel Best Practice Sessions of the Atlassian App developers – for touching, learning and exchanging the partners among each other, but also the customers.

catworkx Midsummer Day 2019
catworkx Midsummer Day 2019

Focus on our SocialQMS

My colleague Christina Schantin, for example, presented our very successful SocialQMS solution based on Confluence. I didn’t miss this opportunity and took part in the session! The participants were not only enthusiastic about Christina Schantin’s engaging presentation, but also very interested in the topic and even stayed during the break, where she explained the functionalities of the Meta-Data App contained in the solution.  Because this app almost does wonders in structuring data – and not only in the QM area. It doesn’t only offer the possibility to evaluate data in a better way, but also leaves room for personalizing content in the intranet or wiki context.

catworkx Midsummer Day 2019

The design of an intranet or wiki with Confluence

I would like to emphasize another exciting topic, namely the wonderful lecture by Refined specialist Genevieve Blanch. Very atmospheric and in the truest sense of the word figurative, she showed us the really manifold possibilities with which you can design your Confluence with the Refined Theme: the adaptation of the design, the modification of the page structure and the menu, so that customers can build appealing and clear intranets and knowledge platforms.

I learned an incredible amount on this day and I know better now what is used for what and how, I have seen faces behind the different products and I am quite blown away by the possibilities that the different apps offer and how they can be used.

Insights into the catworkx product and service family

On the second day we experienced user reports and insights into catworkx life and of course into the catworkx product and service family. The Midsummer Day was an Atlassian event, but above all a catworkx event. This combination has proven itself for six years. Both partners and customers appreciate the learning opportunities and the networking. And we also had many conversations at our booth about our SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence, which combines the best of Confluence and the advantages of SharePoint, and the QM solution. These topics of the integration of different systems and also the flexible and living images of a QM are currently occupying the customers especially in the environment of modern work.

catworkx Midsummer Day 2019

In summary, I can say that catworkx Midsummer Day was particularly successful because the “fun character” of the birthday party was retained throughout the entire event. It simply belongs to it and lets us return with many new ideas.

Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers for the exciting days. We will come again and look forward to further fruitful years in common exchange.

June 25, 2019

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