Automatic URL rendering and embedding of nearly 300 different file types with SharePoint Connector for Confluence Cloud

Paste URLs into Confluence Cloud pages and have them converted automatically without using a dialog. Plus: Display 300 different file types as full previews.

Filter SharePoint documents and lists by site name and list type

Long awaited by our users we are finally releasing new filter possibilities, making it possible to filter by site (site name) in both macros, as well as a filter by list type (document library etc.) inside our List macro.

List macro - Filters

Using these new filters will allow you to find your desired document or list to embed way faster. Enjoy it!

But if you are now wondering what is even more user-friendly, you should read on and try our newest feature:

Automatic rendering of pasted SharePoint document URLs in Confluence Cloud

We all know this smooth behavior e.g. from inserting Jira-links into a Confluence page. With the latest release of the SharePoint Connector for Confluence Cloud, you can now simply paste a URL from SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business into a Confluence page in edit-mode and have it converted automatically into a full view embed of that file. Easy as pie!

This saves you a lot of time of clicking and searching inside the document macro dialog. See it in action in the following animation:


Display nearly 300 different file types as embeds

We did some major backend changes to lift our app to the current state-of-the-art using Microsofts Graph API.  But thanks to the Graph API you are now enabled to display different file types, such as media (photo / image, audio, video) or well-known Adobe and Apple file types  as responsive embeds inside a Confluence Cloud page. As a side effect of this change we are not able to longer support  SharePoint Default views for lists anymore (see our documentation).

Embed documents - Marketplace


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