Atlassian’s journey to cloud: What’s new about our apps?

cloud apps

The cloud was a bet ten years ago but now is a real opportunity. Atlassian has consistently followed the trend towards the cloud. For many years now, we have been pursuing the path to the cloud. Our customers have started moving on it and embracing this change.

On February 2, 2021 Pacific Time (PT), the end of new server license sales has gone into effect and this process for server products will continue as follows:

From 02 February 2023, Pacific Time (PT): End of Sale for Marketplace Apps
Starting that day it will not be possible anymore to buy new server licenses or renew existing ones. Active licenses will continue to work.

From 02 February 2024, Pacific Time (PT): End of Support
From February 02, 2024, the next step will be to discontinue support and troubleshooting for all server products

Migrating Data to the Cloud

Atlassian’s journey to cloud is a smooth transition process. Free automated migration tools and a dedicated migration support team provide useful guidance in the right direction for our customers. For some of our apps like SharePoint Connector for Confluence, we have made some efforts to adjust our apps before the migration process.  After these adjustments, all instances of the macros will be present on the migrated pages. For migrated pages,  the macros in Page Edit Mode are rendered in “classic style” (like they are at Confluence Server respectively Data Center).

What’s new about our apps?

We really understand that there are some customers who are not ready to switch from server apps to cloud apps. All server customers can continue to work with their licenses for another 3 years without restrictions. And, some companies have business requirements that may limit them from operating in the cloud. For these customers, we will continue to offer Data Center Versions. Recently, Communardo has tested Data Center apps to meet the new approval standards. We are pleased to inform that our main apps have earned the designation of ”Data Center approved app”. 

Please refer to the following overview to see what already is the status quo of availability for our Apps and what we’ve planned:

cloud apps

For Apps that are not listed above we’re currently assessing the situation. Please reach out individually if you’re having a question to a specific app.

If you have any concerns or questions, our ears are open for you. To check our other apps please have a look at the Atlassian Marketplace.

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