Accessiblity 2.0.3 – Real time collaboration is now barrier free!

Accessibility for Confluence 2.0.3 supports Confluence 6 as well as Confluence Data Center. Broaden your user base to users with accessibility limitations.

With Confluence 6, Atlassian brought us the long awaited collaborative editing – edit a page with multiple users at the same time. While customers love this feature (and the other goodies that came along with Confluence 6) a minority of users has been left out for now. If your users are depending on visual aids such as screen readers (and other tools) for using Confluence,  they weren’t able to benefit from this improvement in the past months.

Accessibility for Confluence is now compatible with Confluence 6!

Starting today, the only proven solution for accessibility concerns in Confluence is now compatible with Confluence 6. Most users would probably agree that this was long overdue, but fortunately the wait is over. Happy collaboration!

Better yet: Data Center compatibility has arrived for Accessibility for Confluence as well!

In our experience, accessibility concerns are often gaining importance in larger organizations – so do reliability and scalability questions. Adding Data Center support to Accessibility for Confluence seems like a perfect yet obvious match.

Are you interested in broaden the user base of your Confluence instance to users with accessibility limitations?
Try Accessibility for Confluence now!

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