Accessibility for Confluence 3.2: Discover what’s new in the latest release!

Learn more on how to edit content regardless of page and blog post layout.

Digital accessibility plays a significant role around the inclusive culture of opportunities and, we at Communardo never underestimate that.

Our Communardo app Accessibility for Confluence ensures an accessible workplace for impaired and visually impaired people to have equal access and easy usage to create, edit, or share wiki pages.

What’s new?

In this latest version of Accessibility for Confluence 3.2 users have the possibility to:

  • Edit the content of pages and blog posts regardless their layout
  • Show and add attachments in the columns of the page/blog post

Image 1 shows the layout of a default example page; Image 2 shows how the page layout  will look in screen reader mode.

example of a page with layout
Image 1. Example of a page with layout
Image 2. Editing the page example in screen reader mode

Each column of a section is represented by a text area. Each text area has its label, helping the user to navigate through the page content.

Additionally, each text area has a respective link for adding attachments, giving the user the possibility to add an attachment to a section of the layout. You can find a complete documentation of this release here. 

Nowadays, building an accessible intranet is key to creating a more inclusive society! Learn more about how to create a culture of inclusion digital workspace with the right tools and practices by downloading our ebook “Digital Accessibility: The Missing Piece of the Digital Workplace Puzzle”.

Broaden the user base of your Confluence instance to users with accessibility limitations! How?

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