Accessibility add-on for barrier-free working with Confluence

The first marketable extension for barrier-free working with Confluence: Accessibility add-on for Confluence by Communardo.


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With the ever increasing developments in the workplace to become more digitalized, the use of enterprise applications is no longer limited to just a small select group of employees. Social intranets, knowledge management systems and employee portals now involve the entire staff and facilitate new ways of networking, communication and collaboration.
However, with a more diverse set of users, the requirements for internal applications have consequently changed: applications are not only supposed to possess a high degree of usability but also need to be usable by every employee regardless of age, gender and education etc. Therefore, accessibility plays an important and significant role that should not be underestimated.

The barrier-free design of intranet applications helps people with visual or motor impairments allowing them to access information and actively participate. The add-on is designed to meet the requirements of WCAG 2.0Section 508 or BITV 2.0. These regulations apply to all websites as well as all public access Internet sites of government agencies.

The solution for a barrier-free Confluence

Here at Communardo, we are very excited therefore to introduce the first marketable extension for Confluence! The Accessibility add-on for Confluence. The add-on facilitates working with Wiki for visually impaired, blind and physically disabled users.

The core component of the add-on is the screen reader mode, which optimizes Wiki pages and other functions by using screen reader software. So not only will the existing content be adjusted for the display screen but a new navigation enables simple and intuitive access to page elements and the most important functions!


However, the screen reader mode is not the only feature! We have also improved the standard functions. For example, the Editor: Previously, when you created or edited a page in contrast mode, some icons were unfortunately not visible on the buttons. With constant drive and enthusiasm for improvement we have developed an extension that fixes this problem by automatically displaying all icons as text when you switch to this mode.


You can get more information about the Accessibility add-on for Confluence on our product page.

>> Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to find out more about Atlassian licences.

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