4 Unexpected Things You Can Do with User Profiles for Confluence

Get to know four new and unexpected things you can do with our User Profiles for Confluence app - expand the possibilities of Confluence and foster teamwork!

Confluence is a powerful collaboration platform. The simplicity of Confluence wikis makes it easy for users to publish content, collaborate with colleagues and even manage projects across large cross-functional teams. In short, it gives employees an entirely new way of working together.

This change is a great advantage for today’s increasingly remote and globally distributed workforces. But it can also be challenging for employees who are used to popping into their neighbor’s desk for an answer or interacting with colleagues in meeting rooms.

The fact is that in the digital workplace, people often “meet” and work with each other almost exclusively online. That’s why it pays to invest in great user profiles.

User Profiles for Confluence—More than Meets the Eye

Our User Profiles for Confluence app is designed to make digital workplaces more personal and productive. It offers some obvious benefits, like the ability to synchronize profiles with your LDAP/Active Directory to ensure that they’re complete and up-to date. And the power to add custom fields for languages, skills and expertise, and more to help your users connect with each other.

But there’s a lot more to it. User Profiles for Confluence is packed with enhancements—fine-tuned over several years—that help you improve productivity, usability and collaboration. We’ll take a closer look at some of the most useful features below.

Create Personalized Newsfeeds and Dashboards

User Profiles for Confluence seamlessly integrates with our Metadata for Confluence app. By using the built-in Metadata Overview macro, you’re able to easily create pages based on information in a user’s profiles.

For instance, you can create a metadata field called “Location” for your employee communications team to use for location-specific news. Then, you can use the expert filter criteria provided by the Metadata Overview macro to filter news based on the location information in user profiles. Voila! Now your employees are able to see the latest news and announcements relevant to them.

This is just one popular use for these two apps. They both offer plenty of flexibility and customization options, and our customers are constantly finding innovative ways of using them.

Easily Display Org Charts and Reporting Structures

Beyond user profile information, employees often want to understand where their colleagues fit within the larger department or company structure. User Profiles for Confluence makes this easy. The app provides a built-in “Organization Chart” macro that you can use to automatically create beautiful org charts.

It just takes a few clicks to customize and enable the org chart macro. All information is pulled from the standard Confluence profile. And since user profile information is synchronized with your active directory, you never have to worry about your org charts not being up-to-date. This saves your team the hassle of manually updating org charts and makes it easy for users to find the people they need to work with.

User Profiles for Confluence Organization Chart

On the left, we see the “compact” org chart option, vertically displaying relationships. On the right is the standard org chart, mapping larger structures in the company or department.

Effortlessly Create Handy Profile Lists

Ever wondered who the Python experts are in your company? Need to know which employees are celebrating a birthday this month? User Profiles for Confluence makes it easy to answer these and many other questions.

The Profile List macro included in the app enables you to quickly generate expert lists, phone directories and even birthday lists. The macro uses simple Lucene search syntax to filter user profiles based on your specified criteria—you can easily refine your query as needed with Lucene. Customization options let you define how many profiles to display per page, how the results are displayed (in a table or in profile cards), and which elements of the profile field are displayed.

User Profiles for Confluence Profile List Macro

Example of an expert list created with User Profiles for Confluence.

Instantly Connect with Your Colleagues

User Profiles for Confluence doesn’t just make it easy to find the right people in your organization. It also lets you reach them with just a click.

New with version 2.1, we have taken the popular click-to-call feature from User Profiles for Jiraand added it to our Confluence app. Now you can simply click on a phone number and instantly call your colleague using any telephone application on your smartphone, PC or Mac.

User Profiles for Confluence Click to Call

Calling colleagues just takes a click in the latest version of User Profiles for Confluence.

But that’s not all. In response to popular demand, we have also seamlessly integrated Skype for Business into the Confluence experience. Now you can just as easily “Start a Skype Chat” with your colleagues. This is just one of many examples of how customers like you help us make our apps better for everyone.

User Profiles for Confluence Skype Chat

You asked. We delivered. User Profiles for Confluence lets you instantly launch a Skype chat from user profile cards

Discover What You Can Do with User Profiles for Confluence

Packed with features and flexibility, User Profiles for Confluence gives you a simple, yet powerful solution for making your digital workplace more personal and productive. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today to start enjoying the many benefits of great user profiles.

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